About Us

Hello and welcome to our webpage. We are the Yeager family and you may know us from our channel on Youtube called Shot of The Yeagers. We just want to start off by saying thank you for follow along with us through this vlogging journey. We are forever grateful to all our fans, subscribers, friends and family. Without all of you, none of the most amazing things that have happened to our family in the past couple years would have been possible. Thanks again from the bottom of our hearts! We are one big happy family! There are a total of 8 of us Yeagers! We have 6 kids, 5 girls and I boy. You can learn about each one of our children on their individual pages on this website! Check them out! We of course, think they are pretty awesome! We are a vlogging family. We love to video all of our adventures every day! We started vlogging in August of 2015, and let me tell you it has been a fun and amazing journey. Of course it has also been a lot of hard work and dedication. Our very first video ever posted was of us putting the kids to work. Wow, that video feels like it was a lifetime ago! We currently have made over 1,000 videos. We have learned so much and have had so much fun in the process of making all those videos! As of now, we have more than 3 million subscribers! That just blows us away!! We have enjoyed celebrating with our fans over the past 3 years. On our Youtube channel, Shot of the Yeagers we have celebrations for hitting different subscribers milestones! You should check it out if you haven’t already. Some of our favorite family games to play are sardines, ghost in the graveyard, and the floor is lava. We love to play games as a family. Everyone in our family loves to swim! We have an above ground swimming pool that we use almost every day in the summer. Lots of our videos feature us playing games while swimming in our pool. We also enjoy going into the outdoors and swimming in natural lakes and rivers. We also have a few videos of us going down some fun and wild water slides! We are definitely a building fort family! We love to build box forts, lego forts, and even cereal box forts. The entire Yeager family has a blast building and making stuff. Some of our favorite videos to do as a family are challenge and pranking videos. Some of the challenges that we have done are the bath bomb challenge, pool full of 200,000 orbeez, family gymnastics challenge, 7 second challenge, and a 24 hour Fortnite challenge! Who doesn’t love a great challenge video? Well the Yeager family certainly loves a great challenge video! We have done too many prank videos to list! Our family is sweet, crazy, fun, laughter, love, wonder, strength, loyal, chaos, playful, and a blessing. Being a vlogging family has brought us closer together and has created forever bonds and friendships. We shoot for the stars, and thanks you for helping us make our dreams come true.