Go Sledding!

This picture is heavily inspired by the snow we hopefully get this February, one fun thing you can do is go sledding! Here is Steven pulling Taylor, Payton, Jordyn and Parker in a sled.

Valentines Bear

This picture inspired by valentine’s day, and of course one great gift to receive or give is a teddy bear! Here is a picture of Payton holding a cute, giant valentines bear.

Staying Warm Together

I drew this picture based off of the cold weather we've gotten this winter, it’s important to remember to stay warm and what better way to do that then with some hot chocolate. Here is Taylor and Jordyn enjoying the cold weather together!

Valentine's Day Flowers

Valentine’s day is all about expressing your feelings to the ones you love, this was inspired by the love aspect of valentine's day. Here is Steve giving Jamie some lovely flowers.

Jordyn Ice Skating

This was also inspired by winter activities, here is Jordyn ice skating, it can be hard to ice skate and takes a lot of balance but it's a really fun winter activity!

Cupid's Love Arrow

Another valentine themed page based off of cupid and bow and arrow of love. Here’s a picture of Steven being struck by cupid's love arrow.

Passing Out Valentines

This page was inspired by passing out valentines, here we have Payton pulling Blake and parker in a wagon, Parkers trying her best to keep all of the hearts in the wagon.

Valentines Balloons

This is a simpler valentines page, balloons are also a fun part of this holiday so this is a picture of Steven holding a bunch of balloons.

Happy February!

Another simple piece, it’s exiting starting a new month, and that’s what this page was inspired by! happy February from Taylor, Jordyn and Parker!

Giant Heart

Lots and lots of hearts! Here’s Payton holding a giant heart frame because not only should we love each other on valentine’s day but ourselves as well!

Not Shareing Sweets

When I think of February and valentine’s day, the first thing to come to my mind is sweets! but sometimes sisters can forget to share, here’s a picture of Jordyn eating a cake and Payton thinks it looks delicious.

Love My Family

Valentine’s day isn't just a celebration of romantic love but a great day to express your admiration for your family as well, here’s a picture of Jamie and baby Blake to express that.

Bundled Up

Another image inspired by the cold weather, here’s a picture of Taylor nice and bundled up so she stays warm.

Super Fun Slime

This drawing was inspired by the Slime complication video the Yeager’s posted, this is Payton and Jordyn playing with some super fun slime!

What If Dad Was In Charge?

This page is based off of the Yeager’s "What if dad was in charge video" Here we have Steven and Payton preparing themselves and Steve enjoying his current power.

Sibling Rivalry

Inspired by the "Boys VS. Girls, who had more fun video" Here we have a sibling rivalry page which includes Steven, Taylor, Jordyn and Parker, all ready to see who really has more fun.

Snow Ball Fight

A winter inspired page. Here’s Steven and Taylor playing in the snow, snow ball fights are always fun, and even more so with your siblings.

Building Snow Man

Of course, with snow there’s snow men. It's always better to build snow men with your family so here’s a drawing of all of the Yeager’s building one!

Hoping For More Snow

Winter will only last so long so until then we should enjoy it while we can, here’s Payton, Jordyn and Parker all enjoying and wishing for more snow.

Raining Hearts

Some people just aren't about all that mushy, valentines love, this was inspired by those people. Here’s a picture of parker using an umbrella to avoid those valentine hearts.

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