One of the best thing about warm weather is the fashion. Sunglasses and sunhats come out and look good on everyone, and who doesn't enjoy looking greta and staying cool? heres Jordyn and Payton flaunting their summer fashion.

Everyone loves icecream during the summer, theres so many different flavors that could suit any one. Not only that but it's a grea way to stay cool in the heat. Heres a page with Taylor enjoying one of these yummy treats.

Hanging out with your family is always fun, but its even more fun when your at the beach, this was inspired by family, heres Jamie, Steve and Parker on their way to the beach.

This page was inspired by popsicles, one sweet way to stay cool during the summer is this yummy, icy, treat. Here's Steve and Baby Blake cooling down with a popsicle for themselves.

With such hot weather it's important to remember to take care of your plants. Make sure they get water as well as you! heres Payton about to go and water some plants.

Summer is the perfect time to enjoy fruits, they are a great way to stay hydrated and they're healthy! Heres Jordyn enjoying a juicy watermellon and chilling in a tree.

This was inspired by one of the greatest beach activites there is, Building sand castles! Everyone loves building a sand castle, weather or not its a contest or you work together, its a ton of fun! Here's Payton and Jordyn working together on their own sand castle.

When going to the beach, make sure you have all yuor fun beach activites with you, sand castle kits and snorkeling gear especially, heres Parker prepared with all of her fun beach toys!

One super fun activity to do over the summer is water gun fights! Staying cool while having fun and running around? who doesnt love that? Heres a page of Steven who takes his water gun fights very seriously.

The ocean is home to so many amazing and beautiful sea creatures, if every given the chance scubba diving is a fun way to go and see them. Heres a page of Steven hanging out with some cool ocean critters.

There are so many fun sports you can play under the sun, adn volleyballs just one of many that people enjoy, heres Jordyn and Payton palying their own awesome volleyball match.

Lemonade is enjoyed by so many people and you can find fresh lemonade stands everywhere to sooth that craving. Heres a page of Payton and Parker selling their own tasty lemonade.

Fun in the Sun with the Yeagers

It's June which means nice, warm weather and tons of summer fun! Heres a page of Taylor welcoming June and this months theme "Fun in the Sun with the Yeagers"

Sometimes you may not be able to go to th beach, and thats okay becuase you can fun in your own backyard. Heres Steven and Parker throwing their own cool pool party.

Theres so much to do when you go to the beach, swimming, tanning and building castles is great. But nothing compares to the joy of finding a cool seashell. Heres Parker showing Jamie and blake the one she just found.

Another fun water game to paly is a water balloon fight, they can get pretty comepetive, but competition only makes it better! Heres Jordyn and Parker having a water balloon fight.

Remember that during the summer the heat can be vicous, the best way to handle this would be to drink lots and lots of water. Heres Steven reminding Jordyn to stay hydrated.

Everyhting about summer is great! Flip flops, sunglasses, yummy treats and fun games. Theres no doubt about it, summer is one of the best seasons.Heres Payton surronded by some of the best summer things.

Soccer is a awesome sport to play during the summer and we all know how much Taylor loves it, heres a page inspired by her. Shes about to show off her cool soccer skills.

This page was inspired by a trip to the beach! One of the best things about summer is walking down to a nice lake and hanging out with friends and family. Heres Jordyn and Parker about to do just that.

Blue Buffalo:

This water buffalo has a big love for ice cream. His name is Blue. This picture shows just how much ice cream he can eat. He’s slowing down now that he’s on his twenty-third gallon...but thinking of how he will finish this last tub. He’ll make room! Got anymore ideas?

Wally Wishing While:

Welcome to Wally’s wishing well! Where there is room left in the fountain, you can toss a coin and hope for your dreams to come true. Wally is the protector of the well. Wally’s friend, William, wishes weekly for wonderful weather. If you come to Wally for a wish, don’t forget your penny! What will you wish for?

Fini Flamingo:

Fini the flamingo spends his summer days soaking up the vitamin D. With his stunning hat, favorite fur pelt, and snazzy flippers on foot, he is confident enough to take on any challenges the water will throw at him. Fini is also a top notch lifeguard, because no water is too deep for him.

Zeus Zebra:

Zeus had an appointment with his barber today. He likes to make sure his mane is groomed to perfection. His barber’s name is Zack. Zack has cut Zeus’s hair since he was just little but Zeus wants something different every time. These zebras are excited about his new do and his trimmed mustache!

Shawn Seal:

Have you ever seen a seal balance a ball? Have you ever seen a seal balance a ball, a tv, a baseball, a bat, a bicycle, bananas, a remote, weights, water, books, a surfboard...how high up does it go?! If you can think of more things Shawn the Seal can balance, draw them for him! Simon Shark works very hard for his family!

Simon Shark:

Sometimes he works so hard he forgets to sleep. If he doesn’t sleep enough he usually ends up napping in funny places. Simon is enjoying the peace and quiet at his desk. Try not to wake him! He has lots of work to do once he wakes up!

Fable Fox:

Fable the Fox finishes reading her favorite fairytale. She sleeps next to the fireplace and dreams a funny prince who sweeps her off her feet. His charm and humor are amongst his most impressive qualities. He made her the princess she’d hoped to be. Before she wakes, she has lived her perfect fairytale.


Pandas are some of the goofiest and most curious animals! They are from high up in the mountains of central China. They only eat plants, and when they do, they eat a lot! Paul is having his fun in his swing among the bamboo. It is a good thing he doesn’t have to go far for a snack!

Sheldon Sloth:

Slowly Sheldon slides across the swing set and monkey bars. Say that ten times fast! He can “hang” for hours and hours on end and is obviously not scared of heights. Sheldon spends most of his time at the park because they have the best places to sway from. Don’t his arms get tired? Will he ever come down?

Ellis Elephant:

Ellis, WHAT are we going to do with you?! Ellis the Elephant is light on his feet-especially for an elephant. He serves every trick ball in the book. He uses his tail for his back-hand swing and his trunk for the rest. No one stands a chance against him. It’s a good thing he’s a lot nicer than his serves!

Oscar Otter:

Oscar spends his birthday floating in a lazy river and cuddling with his otter family. This is his family’s favorite tradition. Once the family floats closer they will sing happy birthday, cut the cake, and then have full tummies. Then it’s the best time... cuddle time! Otters know how to party! Happy birthday Oscar!

Linda Llama:

Llama Linda is a crazy llama! She explores Peru with the silliest of faces. Her favorite face to make is her wink with her tongue sticking out. A lot of Linda’s friends think she’s funny and they like to laugh with her. This llama says, “Life is always more fun when you can make a silly face.”

Brigham Bird:

Brigham, the wild bird, spends a lot of his time doing the boogie. He is always out dancing with his friends and even dancing in the kitchen! He is not afraid to take center stage and show off his best dance moves. Sure, almost all birds can sing, but how many can dance too?!

George Girraffe:

George the Girraffe’s trip to space was LUNAR. He’s wanted to be the jungle’s first astronaut all his life. Dreams do come true! His rocket helped him travel all the way to the moon. Look at the earth all the way out there in space! George can’t wait to get back home to show everyone his special mission pictures.

Cam Chameleon:

Uh oh! Will Cam Chameleon make it out in time? Mount Lava just erupted and it looks like it will be a big one! Cam loves his home but he can blend in and make dew with any setting. After all, he has camflauge! Let’s race our way to somewhere safe Cam!

Frederick Frog:

Frederick...what a sly frog. He thinks himself so stealthy that he claims he is the Spider-Man of the frog world. He leaps from building to building searching for suspects like Fitz the fly. Every neighborhood needs a friendly neighborhood spidey-frog, especially this one. Frederick is kept very busy with these pesky flies!

Animals Yeager:

Can you spell Y-E-A-G-E-R? We love our Yeager family! These fun animals all worked together to gather up the letters for this project. They are all so different but are such a good team. To make all six, we needed Olly the Orangutan, Sally Snake, Craig the Crocodile, Penny Penguin, Kent Koala, and Berry Bear Guy.

Ryder Rabbit:

Say hello to Ryder the Rabbit. Ryder enjoys deep sea diving. He meets ocean creatures of many different kinds and makes his best fishy faces at them. He wears a helmet under the water so he can still breathe but always makes sure to come back up for air often. There’s always something new to explore in the ocean!

Argyle Alligator:

This is Argyle the Alligator. He’s got his sunblock on, his swim trunks on, and his surfboard polished! He is hoping to get good enough at swimming that he can help others learn and save them when they need. Argyle meets some of his best friends at this beach. Surf’s up!


THe SOTY family always has their sunglasses on to protect their eyes


Shot of the Yeagers Sunburst

Steven in the Sun

Stephen is enjoying the sun by climbing palm trees in Hawaii!

Parker Sprinkler

Parker jumps in the sprinlers to cool down!

Taylor Lemonade

Taylor sales ice cold lemonade!

Stephen Kayaking

Stephen is enjoying the sun at the lake while kayaking!

Love Ice Cream

We love Ice cream!


The girls love to put on thier fashioned brim hats to protect themselves from the sun!

Blake Hawaii Hammock

Blake sitting in a hammock in Hawaii!

Payton Ukelele

payton loves playing her ukelele while camping!

Soccer Girls

We like to play soccer on a warm sunny day!

Sunny Picnic

The sisters enjoy a nice picnic in the sun.

Payton Garden

Payton takes care of her garden. Flowers love water and sun.

June Flowers

Taylor loves going for walks and looking at the beautiful flowers.

Stephen Fishing

Stephen likes to go fishing in the summer and have some time to himself.

Stephen Feeding Ducks

Stephen stops to feed the ducks at the pond.

Parker Butterflies

Parker loves to catch butterflies at the park.

Blake Bubbles

Blake likes to blow bubbles at the park.

Blake Sand Castle

Blake is building an awesome sand castle in the sun.

Family Bike Rides

We love goin on bike rides.

Welcome May

Heres the first page of the month, Jordyn welcoming may and hoping for nice warm weather

Playing With Bugs

This page is inspired by the warm weather,flowers and bugs that come out around this time of the year, here is Jordyn playing with a butterfly

Last to leave the Lego ball fort!

This drawing was haevily inspired by Shot of the Yeagers "Last to leave the Lego ball fort!" video as well as all the other lego themed videos they've been putting up. Heres Jordyn having fun and playing in the lego ball pit!

We are Mermaids

The inspiriation for this page came from Shot of the Yeagers "We are Mermaids! Magic spell book" video, as well as Mermay, heres Payton and Taylor who have magically turned into meramids!


This page was also inspired by Shot of the Yeagers "We are mermaids! Magc spell book" video, heres a scary, shark Steven.

Cute Plant

This page was inspired by plants, here we have Taylor sitting criss cross next to a cute plant.

Amusment Parks

Amusment parks can be a blast. Coasters, rides and lots of snacks. So much fun we wish would last, and where is Jamie? glad you asked.

Lava Monsters

The lava monsters look for prey, its advised you run away, but one young yeager chose to stay can you find her? is it too late?

Ocean Deap

In the ocean so so deap, many creatures live and creep. Some are big and some are small and one doesn't belong there at all.

Out of This World

Out of this world and far away where things unknown live and stay, so many adevntures could await and thats where a yeager girl may stay.


Camping is great for everyone! staying and palying under the sun. Hide and seek is also fun and a yeager hides, but where? which one?

Slimeland Magic

In slimeland magic is everywhere, unicorns, fairys and others rare. So much slime for you to share and one yeager is hiding there.

In The Garden

In the garden which may seem small, Fariys live there and have a ball, they live in mushrooms which seem so tall and a yegaer, so small, explores it all.

Welcome April

A page of Steven welcoming Apirl!!

Birds and Flowers

With warmer weather comes lots of birds and flowers, heres a drawing of a cute humming bird about to enjoy some yummy necter.

Butterfly and Flowers

Another page with flowers, this time feturing a pretty butterfly.

Chassing Butterfly

Heres a picture of Parker chasing after a butterfly and enjoy the nice weather.

Picking Spring Flowers

This page was insired by all the flower picking you can do during the spring, here's Jordyn and Payton picking flowers together.

Easter Eggs

It's Easter season which means lots of cute animals and easter eggs! Heres a baby chick and some eggs.

Bee's and Sunflower

Here's some cute bee's loving this sunflower!

Spring Flowers

Some pretty spring flowers in a nice vase!

Jordyn Holding Flowers

Here's Jordyn Holding some flowers.

Happy Easter from Jamie and Baby Blake

This was inspired by Easter and the Easter bunny, here's Jamie and Baby Blake wishing you a happy Easter!

Adorable Bunnys

Some more cute animals and flowers, here are two adorable bunnys!

Snuggling Bunny

Bunnys are super cute! heres a page with Jordyn and Parker snuggling a cutie!

Spring is Here

The spring weather is starting to come and the warm weather is amazing! Heres a picture inspired by spring.


Of course theres more peices inspired by cute animals, heres one with Payton and some chicks!

Spring Joy

Here's Jordyn spreading some spring joy! Inspired by all the flowers we'll get this spring.

Flower Crown

Here's a drawing of Payton with a cute flower crown on!

If girls Ruled the World

This page was inspired by Shot Of The Yeagers "If Girls Ruled the World" video, heres Jordyn enjoying her power!

Taylor Holding Chick

More sweet chicks, this ones being held by Taylor whose loving it!

Hanging out in Nice Spring Weather

Here's Steven admiring a pretty bird and hanging out in the nice weather!

Flower Crown Gift

This peice was inspired by flower crowns, here's Parker giving Steve and homemade flower crown!

Jamie, Steve and Baby Blake

Here is a page with Jamie, Steve and Baby Blake!

St Patricks Balloons

This is inspired by St. Patricks day which is coming up this month! Remember to wear green. Here is a drawing of Jordyn and Parker with some St Patricks balloons.

Lucky Four Leaf Clover!

Clover hunting is a fun thing to do this time a year, if you're lucky you might just find a four leaf clover! Heres a page with Steven finding himself a luck, four leafed clover!

Lucky Basket of Clovers.

Good luck from Jordyn! With St. Patricks day nearing hopefully everyone has a good luck filled with fortune, here Jordyn is holding a basket of Clovers.

Chasing Leprechauns!

This page was inspired by Leprechauns! Here is a drawing of Steven and Payton chasing what seems to be a leprechaun, but it's just Parker.

Happy March from Taylor.

Heres a picture of Taylor wishing everyone happy march this year!

Pot of Gold at the end of the Rainbow.

This is inspired by the urban legend that if you follow a rainbow at the end you could possibly find a pot of gold! Here is drawing of Payton and Jordyn getting lucky enough to find a pot of gold themselves!

Moms in Charge Pause Chanllenge.

This drawing was inspired by Shot Of The Yeagers video "Pause Challenge! Moms in charge" heres a drawing of Jamie and Baby Bake Pausing Steven and Parker!

No Boys Allowed!

This was inspired by Shot Of The Yeagers video "No Boys Allowed!" With Parker, Jordyn and Payton.

Splashing in Rainy Puddles.

With March come rainy weather and with rainy wether comes splashing in puddles! Here a picture of Jordyn splashing Payton with puddle!

Welcome to Spring!

Spring is coming! After a cold winter we can look forward to spring, here is a picture of Taylor welcoming the new season!

Trying to Stay Dry in the Rain.

Another rain inspired page featuring Jordyn trying her best to stay dry, make sure you're prepared with snow boots and umbrellas this season!

Exited for Spring!

Spring is in the air and we're all exited! heres Taylor and Jordyn looking forward to spring as much as the rest of us are.

Planting Flowers.

With spring on its way nows a good time to think about planting some seeds! Heres Jordyn working on growing a flower of her own.

Steven Enjoying Rain.

This is inspired by the fun you can have plying in the rain, Heres a drawing of Steven enjoying and embracing the rainy weather.

Cozy Rainy Day.

Some people like the rain and others don't, but sometimes a rainy day can be fun because that means board games and hot chocolate! Heres Payton trying her best to enjoy a rainy day inside!

Be Prepared for the Rain.

Always make sure you're prepared for the rain, bring and umbrella other wise you might end up like Jordyn in this picture. But Taylor sure looks nice and dry!

Lucky Clovers!

Try to spread your luck to others this march! Heres Taylor spreading her luck through clovers!

Clovers, Spring, and March.

Heres a drawing of Jordyn, inspired by clovers, spring and March.

Have a Lucky St. Patricks Day!

This page is inspired by the luck of March and St. Patricks day! Heres Taylor, Jordyn and Payton lucky enough to have each other as sisters!

Go Sledding!

This picture is heavily inspired by the snow we hopefully get this February, one fun thing you can do is go sledding! Here is Steven pulling Taylor, Payton, Jordyn and Parker in a sled.

Valentines Bear

This picture inspired by valentine’s day, and of course one great gift to receive or give is a teddy bear! Here is a picture of Payton holding a cute, giant valentines bear.

Staying Warm Together

I drew this picture based off of the cold weather we've gotten this winter, it’s important to remember to stay warm and what better way to do that then with some hot chocolate. Here is Taylor and Jordyn enjoying the cold weather together!

Valentine's Day Flowers

Valentine’s day is all about expressing your feelings to the ones you love, this was inspired by the love aspect of valentine's day. Here is Steve giving Jamie some lovely flowers.

Jordyn Ice Skating

This was also inspired by winter activities, here is Jordyn ice skating, it can be hard to ice skate and takes a lot of balance but it's a really fun winter activity!

Cupid's Love Arrow

Another valentine themed page based off of cupid and bow and arrow of love. Here’s a picture of Steven being struck by cupid's love arrow.

Passing Out Valentines

This page was inspired by passing out valentines, here we have Payton pulling Blake and parker in a wagon, Parkers trying her best to keep all of the hearts in the wagon.

Valentines Balloons

This is a simpler valentines page, balloons are also a fun part of this holiday so this is a picture of Steven holding a bunch of balloons.

Happy February!

Another simple piece, it’s exiting starting a new month, and that’s what this page was inspired by! happy February from Taylor, Jordyn and Parker!

Giant Heart

Lots and lots of hearts! Here’s Payton holding a giant heart frame because not only should we love each other on valentine’s day but ourselves as well!

Not Shareing Sweets

When I think of February and valentine’s day, the first thing to come to my mind is sweets! but sometimes sisters can forget to share, here’s a picture of Jordyn eating a cake and Payton thinks it looks delicious.

Love My Family

Valentine’s day isn't just a celebration of romantic love but a great day to express your admiration for your family as well, here’s a picture of Jamie and baby Blake to express that.

Bundled Up

Another image inspired by the cold weather, here’s a picture of Taylor nice and bundled up so she stays warm.

Super Fun Slime

This drawing was inspired by the Slime complication video the Yeager’s posted, this is Payton and Jordyn playing with some super fun slime!

What If Dad Was In Charge?

This page is based off of the Yeager’s "What if dad was in charge video" Here we have Steven and Payton preparing themselves and Steve enjoying his current power.

Sibling Rivalry

Inspired by the "Boys VS. Girls, who had more fun video" Here we have a sibling rivalry page which includes Steven, Taylor, Jordyn and Parker, all ready to see who really has more fun.

Snow Ball Fight

A winter inspired page. Here’s Steven and Taylor playing in the snow, snow ball fights are always fun, and even more so with your siblings.

Building Snow Man

Of course, with snow there’s snow men. It's always better to build snow men with your family so here’s a drawing of all of the Yeager’s building one!

Hoping For More Snow

Winter will only last so long so until then we should enjoy it while we can, here’s Payton, Jordyn and Parker all enjoying and wishing for more snow.

Raining Hearts

Some people just aren't about all that mushy, valentines love, this was inspired by those people. Here’s a picture of parker using an umbrella to avoid those valentine hearts.

Shot of the Yeagers

Shot of the Yeagers Family

Soty Stars


Stephen The Ninja

Mailed My Self


The Floor is Lava

First Steps


Boss Baby




Blake Challenge

Taylor Challenge

Payton Challenge