Meet Blake

Hi, I’m Blake! I am the youngest child of the Yeager family. I am 1 year old, and I love being the baby! My family loves to spoil me. I am a happy and easy-going girl. I usually have a bright smile on my face! I spend most of my days having a blast, running around with my mom, dad, and siblings. I enjoy all the typical baby things. My favorite things are napping and eating! I especially love eating applesauce and chocolate! My mom would tell you that I am a snuggle bug, and she loves that. I also freely give heartfelt hugs! If you take your eyes off me for one second you might find me dumping out an entire box of cereal or unraveling the entire roll of toilet paper! I love to play outside with my brother and sisters. My favorite thing to do outside is jump on the trampoline! When I am not outside, I am inside playing with toys. I have lots of favorite toys, but for some reason I always want to play with whatever toy my older sister Parker has. Being a YouTube star comes easy for me because I am adorable! I hope you learned something new about me. Thanks for visiting my page!

Blake's Videos

Toy Box
Ride Lion in Stride

Hey SOTY family! I just wanted to tell you all about this stride and ride. Blake is constantly having a blast playing with this toy. So with that being said, I’m not sure why, but kids seems to be drawn to animals. Kids are also drawn to things they can push like shopping carts or strollers. Well this stride and ride lion is both a lion and something that kids can push around. Mom and dad have tried many different kinds of push toys for Blake, and this one takes the cake! This stride and ride lion is Blake's favorite push toy, and that is why it is a featured favorite in her toy box. Fisher Price has really developed some awesome toys to help develop motor skills in young children. The moment that we placed Blake on this she started scooting around and developing her motor skills. Blake enjoys placing balls in the lion's mouth, and pushing on all the lights and buttons. Now, it is important for you to know that if you are searching for a quiet toy, then this stride and ride lion is not a good fit for you. This toy has well over 80 different noises or phrases that keep your baby engaged and entertained. Mom and dad Yeager do not mind the noise or sounds. Blake giggling and having a great time is the best sound of all. The Stride and Ride does light up around the lion mane .Sometimes Blake needs help pushing the buttons because they can be tricky. Her siblings don't mind jumping in and helping her out. This riding and pushing lion toy is a fun interactive experience for Blake. The colors, lights, buttons, and balls are all good developmental stimulation that promote hand eye coordination.

Musical Learning Table

The next featured favorite toy in Blakes toy box is this awesome musical learning table. Blake absolutely adores this table! When she gets herself pulled up to this table she loves to push all of the keys.The keys are easy for Blake to push down, and each time she pushes them down the table lights up and plays music. The keys also make a variety of sounds. She also likes to spin the knobs, which also make noise. Mom has noticed that the noises that come out of this table are much softer than other toys Blake plays with. The music table is pretty cool. Mom will tie this table to Blake's bed for when it is nap time,and when she wakes up she can play for a little bit. The tie portion has a rope set with the board, so mom and dad don’t have to worry that she is going to bunk her cute little head. Now, I do need to inform you that this table does make noise, but not near as much as some of her other toys. There is an on/off switch to control the noise, but kids seem to find that switch pretty fast. If you need a more quite time, the two AA batteries that are on the back of the toy can easily be removed. It's all about the play, Blake loves the lights and classic melodies that sing as she hits the notes. Mom can just see her imagination growing. It really is fun seeing Blake enjoying standing/sitting on the floor playing with the Musical table. Also, the musical learning table is made with non-toxic plastic. This is an added benefit because Blake loves putting things in her mouth. This product is parent approved and Blake approved.

Poppin Pals

This poppin pals is definitely one of Blakes top ten favorite toys. Anytime we have younger kids visit the Yeager house, they also love playing with this toy. Playskool poppin pals has some really really cute figurines, such as: giraffe, elephant, lion, and monkey. One of the things mom likes most about this poppin toy is the fact that there are no batteries that have to constantly be replaced. This toy helps Blake with her hand eye coordination. Blake has to either flick a switch, move the dial over, push a button down, or turn the key to have her animal friends pop up. These small movements help develop fine motor skills. Every time Blake plays with this toy she is just as excited as if it were the first time. Poppin’ Pals is manufacture by Playskool, a highly reputable company. They use safe plastics so when Blake starts to eat her toy she is not getting bad toxins in her mouth. Mom is always happy when Blake's toys are worry free. Poppin’ Pals is a really simple game that has a variety of benefits. This interactive pop up toy introduces different shapes, colors, and animals to baby Blake. This Playskool toy offers cause and effect play with ; repetitive actions, opportunity for hand eye coordination, and sensory exploration. Blake is even mastered the sounds of each animal as they pop up. This has a handy handle that Blake likes to use to tote this toy around the house.


Blake loves anything that she can build with and put in her mouth. That is why this Fisher Price rock and stack toy is perfect for her. This toy features a base that has 5 rings that stack up on it. There are small rolling balls in one of the rings, and Blake loves to shake it. The rings are all different colors and have a smooth surface. Blake likes to shew on these rings, and mom doesn't have to worry about the rings injuring the inside of her mouth. Blake is developing good hand eye coordination when she is stacking these rings on the base. The base also features music and lights, which baby Blake especially loves. The rock a stack helps Blake explore her sense of discovery. She will sort out the rings and then stack them in different orders. Blake enjoys the music that comes from the base of the toy. She will even dance around the living room as it plays. This is a safe and effective toy. The price tag on this rock and stack is excellent. The rock and stack design type has been around for generations, making it a classic baby toy. Rock and stack helps with a variety of early development stages. For example: relative concept of size, balance, coordination, colors, counting, and learning new shapes. Toys that are fun, entertaining, and help brain development are considered top notch at the Yeager house! That is why this classic rock and stack is a favorite in Blake's toy box!