Jamie & Steve

Jamie & Steve's Toy Box

Watch Ya Mouth

Whatch Ya Mouth was an instant hit at our house. From the instant we put the mouth pieces in our mouth we are busting a gut! We laughed for about 20 minutes before we even start the game. If you like to laugh, then this game is for you. We laugh our heads off during the entire game.It is our family's favorite when it's Dad's turn. He makes us laugh so hard that we are rolling on the ground. The Yeager family enjoys playing this game on New Year's Eve. Playing this game helps liven up any party. Watch ya mouth is definately one of our go to games for family game night. Even the younger kids in our family like to put in the mouth pieces and join in the fun. The kids also enjoy playing watch ya mouth with a group of their friends. There is nothing funnier than when grandma and grandpa come over to join in the fun of watch ya mouth. Watching grandma and grandpa try to speak with the mouth pieces in is hilarious. This game is just good clean fun for the entire family. We love to laugh and play this game together. This game is very cost effective and the mouth pieces are easy to clean. We will continue to play this game over and over again.

Sumo Bumper Bopper

These sumo bumper boppers are so much fun! The Yeager kids get a kick out of bumping back and forth into one another. The kids will take turns bumping each other in a bumper bopper tournament. These are especially fun to take to the lake and play on the beach in the soft sand. Mom likes the kids to play with the sumo bumper boppers outside where they can't crash into walls or furniture. This is a high energy, super funny activity for the whole family. Mom and Dad laugh so hard while they watch the kids play their own version of bumper cars. We enjoy taking the bumper boppers to big family events where kids will gather and play for hours. Anytime the kids are complaining because they are bored, we can pull out these Sumo Bumper blow ups and the kids instantly start having fun. Sumo bumper boppers are good for New Year's Eve parties, birthday parties, family reunions, holiday parties, and any special occasion. There are lots of different games and uses for these blow up toys. One of the Yeager kids most favorite is facing of in a ring and seeing who can bump their opponent out of the ring first. Mom makes a ring in the grass using white spray paint. Another game the kids like to play is last man standing. The kids will count down from three and say go. The last person who has not been knocked over wins the game. These Sumo Bumper Boppers are great entertainment for just 2 children or an entire group of children.

Inflatable Bumper Ball 4ft/5ft Diameter Bubble Soccer Ball Blow Up Toy

Inflatable bumber balls are a blast! The older Yeager kids always have a great time when they play with these inflatable bumpers. Adults and older children fit really well in these inflatable balls. The Yeager kids like to take these bumber balls to a park by our house with a giant hill. They laugh their heads off as they roll down the hill over and over again. Mom and Dad get a kick out of watching the kids roll down the giant hill at the park. The kids like to get a big group together to play a game of soccer while inside of the inflatable bumper balls. Now that makes for a fantastic soccer game! Mom and Dad also enjoy getting in on the fun! Even adults can fit into and play with the inflatable bumper balls. The neighborhood kids enjoy coming over to our home and battling it out in the backyard. They enjoy playing games like steal the flag while wearing the inflatable bumper balls. The object of the game is to stay on your feet and grab the flag before an oponnent knocks you over. There are lots of outdoor games that can be upgraded to the next level with the happybuy inflatable bumber balls. This past Summer the Yeager kids even played some water games while wearing the Inflatable bumpers. These games were mostly obstacle courses that were concoured while running through the sprinklers and wearing the inflatable bumpers. The kids let their imaginations run wild when they were these fun inflatables. One time they pretended to be in their own personal space ships. The possiblities are endless with these fun inflatables. What will you come up with?


This is our family's favorite backyard game. Who knew throwing wooden sticks at blocks of wood could be so fun and challenging? Everyone in our family can play; we just make sure the little kids get to throw the sticks from a closer distance. The kids have fun trying out all sorts of different throwing techniques. There is the tomahawk technique, the dart technique, and the frisbee technique. Those are a few of our favorite ways to throw the wooden dowels at the wooden blocks. This game is for both parents and children. Mom and Dad Yeager get really competitive as they take turns throwing the wooden dowels at the wooden blocks. Mom usually wins in the end. We took Kubb with us to our last family reunion, and everyone there loved playing this game. It doesn't look like much, but once you start playing it is addicting. The best part is that it remains challenging to the end of the game. The kids enjoy it when the game is parent's vs kids. The kids will line up on the sidelines and cheer each other on, and try to distract the parents as they take their turns. What makes this game interesting is that anyone can win. Sometimes the smallest player will throw the wooden dowel and get a lucky bounce which knocks over the winning block! If you enjoy spending quality easy going fun with your family or friends, then you will love this game. The nice part about this game is that you can make it as competitive as you would like. We have done tournaments where we play one on one until there is one person left, but for the majority of the time we play together as a family and have a blast!