Meet Jordyn

Hi I’m Jordyn! I am so excited that you decided to visit my page. I am a middle child in the Yeager family with my practically twin sister Payton. In my spare time I like to do tumbling and dancing. I am spunky and full of energy. I love to prank my Mom! When I am not pranking my mom, you can probably find me watching Youtube! I really love being a Youtuber. My favorite thing about making videos is playing games with my family. My favorite Youtube video that I have made is Lil Jo Jo Dreamin, and you should check it out if you haven’t had a chance. I show you how to make sparkle slime. Speaking of Jo Jo, I am a huge fan of Jo Jo Siwa! I love to sing and dance to all of her songs. I hope to be a big star like her one day. I bet you can’t guess what my favorite subject in school is. My favorite subject in school is Chinese! That’s right, I am in the Chinese immersion program, cool huh. My favorite food is mac n cheese and for dessert I will eat any ice cream bar you can give me. My favorite songs to listen to are love songs. We went on a trip to Disneyland and it was epic! Check it out on our Youtube channel Shot of The Yeagers. My favorite things about the outdoors is the beach. I love running and jumping into the ocean waves! My favorite movie is Trolls because I love the music. I can sing all the songs. I love the color purple. I don’t know if you have seen, but my favorite toy is my elf on the shelf stuffed plush. I sleep with her every night. When I grow up I want to be a ballet dancer, just like my sister Parker. I love fashion. I love to dress up and try new styles. Thank you so much for visiting my webpage. I hope you had lots of fun. Leave me a comment on shout at the Yeagers if you liked my page, and don’t forget to check out our awesome coloring pages.

Jordyn's Videos

Toy Box
Stuffed Animal (Horse)

Jordyn adores this brown pony. She takes it everywhere she goes. She loves to have mom tie a string around the pony like a leash, and she drags it around the house. This pony stuffed animal is great quality. The deep chestnut color really captures your attention. This pony is really soft and snuggly. The manufacturer of this pony makes a wide variety of all different stuffed animals. Jordyn's pick is definitely the pony. She loves anything that has to do with horses. This plush pony has some beans added to stuffing so it has a little bit of weight to it. Jordyn enjoys watching television on the couch while she is holding this soft fluffy pal. Jordyn enjoys having stuffed animals with her while she is eating breakfast, watching movies, and when she goes to sleep at night. Stuffed animals are great for make believe play. Children can explore their creativity while playing with stuffed animals. Stuffed animals are great friends for kids. Jordyn enjoys having tea parties with all her stuffed animals, and especially this cute pony. This chestnut colored pony would make a great gift for any occasion. Stuffed animals for children can play an important part in communication. Children can also use stuffed animals to practice their nurturing skills . Jordyn loves the pony pal and that is why it is featured in Jordyn's toy box.

14-Inch Morgan Horse

Speaking of Jordyn loving horses, this 14 inch glitter haired horse is another one of Jordyn's favorite toys. Jordyn enjoys brushing the glittery mane and tail. She will bring the horse to mom and have her braid the tail and mane. Jordyn will build a corral for her horse out of her pillows. Jordyn's older sisters have 14 inch dolls that can also be paired with this horse. This horse is a lot bigger than it looks in the picture. Jordyn was so surprised when she got this horse as a gift. She even tried to ride it! This equestrian horse comes with some fun accessories. The accessories are a spray bottle, water bottle, and a basket of carrots. These added accessories enhance the experience when playing with the beautiful horse. The saddle on this glitter girls celestial horse has amazing detail. The blanket portion of the saddle has the appearance of being quilted. Mom likes to provide toys like this horse to Jordyn to help her use her imagination. Creative play is good for young kids and an important part of development. There is a choice between two different horses. There is a brown horse with purple glitter hair and there is a white horse with pink glitter hair. There is also a adorable stable that can be purchased separately. Jordyn has the brown horse. The white horse is also beautiful and comes with a basket of apples, a grooming mitt, and a horse scrapper. This is an awesome toy for the money. This horse would make a perfect gift for any occasion. Jordyn hopes you love your new horse!

Stuffed Animal (Dog)

Flopsie the plush golden Labrador is the cutest fluffy pet a little girl could ask for. Jordyn just happens to be that little girl. Jordyn likes dogs a lot. She would have a million stuffed animal dogs if she could. Jordyn and all of her siblings enjoy playing with stuffed animals. Jordyn takes this dog all over the house and outside. Jordyn even made her stuffed animal dog a bed out of a shoe box. Mom loves to see Jordyn's creativity when she is playing with this stuffed animal dog. Mom helped Jordyn name her dog Goldie. Jordyn has such a big imagination. She talks and plays with Goldie like she is a real dog. Jordyn will brush Goldie while she watches a movies. This golden Labrador is a plush stuff animal made of high quality materials. The face of this fluffy golden retriever is adorable. You can't help but smile when you look at it. Jordyn gives Goldie kisses all the time. This plush pal is the perfect size, not too big and not too small. This stuffed animal dog is a great price for what you get.

Inflatable 24" Rock Star Guitar

Jordyn is a little Rockstar. She is such a fan of these katzco rock guitar inflatables. These guitars come in packs of 12 with an assortment of colors. These guitar inflatables are the perfect addition to any rock and roll party. The kids will take turns on center stage performing like star performers. Jordyn will rock out with these cute guitars for hours. At any party just turn up the music and pass out the guitars. These guitars are nice because they are waterproof, so they can be taken to the swimming pool or beach. The inflatable guitars are definitely a wonderful party favor, but they can be used for individual use as well. Jordyn can rock out in her room singing, dancing, and playing her guitar. For added fun you can combine these inflatable guitars with a matching inflatable microphone. The katzco guitars come in 4 different colors; red, sky blue, purple, and pink. Inflatable guitars can boost holiday parties, birthday parties, and family reunions. Mom likes the inflatable guitars because it’s a toy that helps her children explore their imagination. Mom and dad love when the kids put on a concert using these colorful guitars. The Yeager kids will each take turns rocking out to their own song, and then perform one big grand finale together. This simple blow up toy is so much fun! Jordyn has a blast playing rock star with this guitar and that is why you can find it in her toy box. Jordyn hopes you have a blast with toy, and don't forget to rock on!