Meet Parker

HI, I’m Parker and I am the Boss Baby! I am a huge YouTube fan. I have so much fun watching all the other kid YouTubers. My favorite YouTube videos are the ones that feature me as the ultimate Boss Baby! I love when I get to boss my sisters and brother around. They do whatever I want! Just kidding! I am spunky and full of energy. I am constantly keeping my family on their toes! I am the second to the youngest of the Yeager family. I enjoy playing with toys. When I am home I love to play with Barbie’s and in my sandbox. I also can’t get enough of wrestling with my dad. If it is pink- I LOVE it! I just started preschool this year! My favorite part of preschool is learning the ABC’s. My favorite vacation was when we went to Disneyland! You should check it out on our YouTube channel if you haven’t already. Speaking of Disney, my favorite movie is Beauty and the Beast. I can watch that show over and over again. My favorite food is peanut butter and jelly sandwiches…yummy! I also love any dessert you can think of, whether it is cake, ice cream, candy, chocolate, or cupcakes. You can bet I will gobble it right up, because I have quite the sweet tooth. I am constantly changing my mind on what I want to be when I grow up. As of now, when I grow up I want to be a ballet dancer. I hope you had fun reading all about me! Thank you so much for visiting my page, and remember to come back soon. See you next time!

Parker's Videos

Toy Box
Pogo Stick for Toddlers

This flybar foam pogo stick is a fun way to get kids off the couch and start exercising. This foam pogo stick is fun for the entire family. Even mom and dad can get in on the jumping fun. Parker can even jump on this beginners pogo stick. Parker's favorite part is the squeaky noise the foam pogo stick makes when she jumps up and down on it. The noise makes it easy to count the number of times you jump on the pogo stick. The Yeager family has a blast competing to see who can do the most jumps. The foam pogo stick is still challenging even though it is a simple design. Mom loves toys like the pogo foam stick because it can increase strength and coordination. The flybar foam pogo stick comes in 8 different colors to choose from. This flybar pogo stick can hold toddlers like Parker and adults up to 250 lbs. This pogo stick is surprisingly durable and is a great quality product. One of the best things about the toy is that it can be used inside or outside. Either way, just makes sure that there is plenty of space. The pogo stick is well designed with soft foam handles that are comfortable for the kids to hold onto. This pogo stick is great gift idea for all ages. All of Parker's siblings at one time or another have played on the pogo stick. Another health benefit that this foam pogo stick offers is good balance. When Parker first got the pogo stick, she couldn't stand on it alone for very long. After just a few days she was standing on it by herself, and soon after that was jumping on it. This pogo stick is a toy that is a blast and also promotes activity. Parker would like to know if you have jumped into the fun!


Stomp Rocket is a toy that is 100% powered by kids. Parker is able to blow off some of her excess energy with this stomp rocket. Parker will run as fast as she can and jump on the launcher with all of her might. She laughs and cheers as the rocket shoots into the air. One of the nice things about these rockets is that they don't require any batteries or need to be plugged in. These rockets shoot as high as 150 feet. The set includes 4 rockets to launch into the air. This particular rocket stomp toy has received multiple awards including: top toy of the year award, seal of excellence, preferred choice award, and best toy for kids 2018 winner. This toy can be used for education purpose when discussing the science of rockets with children. If you need more rocket stomping fun then you can order parachutes and spin copters from the manufacturer. Parker has a blast every time she plays with this rocket, and all of her sisters and brother enjoy playing with the rocket as well. The best part about these rockets is that they glow in the dark. The Yeager kids like to launch the rockets in the back yard at night. After the rocket is launched the kids chase it around and try to catch it. This has turned into one of the Yeager kid's favorite night games. There are a variation of rocket launchers that come from this manufacturer. There are other rocket launchers from the same manufacturer that launch the rockets as high as 400 feet. There is even a dual rocket launcher.

Dodge Tag

Dodge tag is a featured favorite toy in Parker's toy box. She adores playing dodge tag with her siblings and cousins. One package of dodge tag contains two vests and 6 soft dodge balls. The Yeager family has purchased multiple sets so there are enough vests and balls for everyone. This is a fun game to play indoors or outdoors. If you are going to play this game indoors than make sure it is in an open area where items cannot get knocked over. The object of the game is to get the soft dodge balls to stick to your opponent. The Yeager kids like to split the basement or back yard in half. The kids will divide into teams and put the dodge balls lined up in the middle. After the kids count down from 5 they run as fast and furious as they can to gather the dodge balls. They instantly start chucking the balls at each other. The Yeager family likes to take this game up camping. Parker and her siblings will hide behind the trees and other plant life while playing dodge tag. Mom likes this game because the dodge balls are soft and safe. This dodge tag is a simple fun game for all ages. Parker is likes to pick up a dodge ball and run up to her siblings and stick it on their vest. She is the champion of dodge tag and that is why it is in her toy box. She is definitely the boss baby at this game! The straps to the vest are adjustable and the colors are bright and fun. Dodge tag is an exciting interactive game that promotes lots of exercise and fun.

Driving Car for Parker

This power electric car is so realistic. It looks just like a real car, just miniature. This electric powered car runs on a 12V battery. The car comes with a remote that can be controlled by mom or dad. The car can also be controlled by the steering wheel while Parker is driving it. The head lights and brake lights both light up. The dash board also lights up like a real car. This car has built in songs or has a plug in for a phone, so you can rock out while you drive. Parker likes to grab one of her stuffed animals to ride in the electric car with her. She will cruise around in this mini sports car. This car can travel at low or high speeds and also has seat belts. Mom and dad did assemble this mini vehicle. The directions were easy to follow, and there are step by step videos attached that show you how to put it together. The manufacturer offers a variety of different models and colors. Mom and dad spent some time teaching Parker how to use the car. At first, Parker would back up or start too fast. It took about a week for Parker to get the hang of how to use it. Mom and dad would control the vehicle in the beginning until she got the hang of it. The songs that are built into the car's Radio are perfect for Parker. The songs are more for toddlers and younger children. Mom or dad are always outside helping and watching Parker when she is riding around in her cherry sports car. Parental supervision is suggested. Parker hopes you liked visiting her toy box. Where will you explore in your new electric driving car?