Meet Payton

Hello and welcome to my page! I am Payton, I fall in the middle of the Yeager family with my practically twin sister Jordyn. If you are looking for me, I will probably be at the playground! My favorite thing to play on the playground is the ground is lava or lava monster! I love the summer because I get to play outside all day every day. I enjoy making videos. My favorite videos that I have been in are my birthday videos! I’ve also mailed myself to Grandma’s house and to the North Pole! What a crazy trip that was! Check it out on YouTube if you haven’t had the chance yet! When I am not being handcuffed to my sister Jordyn, you might find me playing sardines. Sardines is one of my favorite games from the Yeager family playbook. I am a sporty girl. My favorite sports to play are soccer, tumbling, and softball. I also adore singing! I love singing so much that I want to be a professional singer when I grow up. I bet you can’t guess what my favorite movie is? Well.... Phantom of the Opera of course! I love the music, and while I watch, I belt out the songs at the top of my voice. Obviously because I like to sing, I enjoy playing with my karaoke machine. I love to pretend like I am a rock star! My favorite food is peanut butter and nutella sandwiches. When I am craving something sweet I ask my mom and dad to take me out for a shake! Now that’s a real treat. Fun fact about me; when I was first born I had to have a breathing tube hooked up to me to help me breath. Crazy huh! My favorite family vacation is when we went to Disneyland, I had a blast! My favorite part of being a YouTuber is getting to meet lots of fun people like you! Thanks for being about of the SOTY family. I hope you have fun visiting our website!

Payton's Videos

Toy Box

Of course slime would be a featured favorite in Payton's toy box! Payton loves slime (what kid doesn't.) There are a few special characteristics that you will love about this slime. First of all it is rainbow colored, and who doesn’t love that. I know Payton does. Second, it smells amazing. Payton thinks it smells like cotton candy. Third, it comes with these soft beads that change the texture. The beads are separate, so you can decide whether or not you want to add them to the slime. Payton thinks the beads are awesome, so she added them into her slime. Our family enjoys using fluffy slime foam on bad weather days when we are stuck in the house. Payton is awesome at making different animals out of the slime. Her best figurine up to date is a rainbow beaded unicorn. She is so creative; mom loves to see what she will come up with next. This slime is great for leisurely fun or projects. Squishing and playing with the slime is also a great way to relax and calm your nerves. This slime will stay good as long as you put the slime back in the sealed container. Payton has to be careful with her fluffy slime so her younger sisters don't get a hold of it and eat some. This fluffy slime is going to be a staple in the Yeager house, especially with the start of a new school year. This slime will come in handy when it is time to do school projects. Payton keeps her fluffy foam slime in great condition because she washers her hands before she plays with it. Payton can't wait to hear what you make with your fluffy foam slime!


If you have seen any of the Yeager Youtube videos than you know how much Payton and the other Yeager girls love hatchimals. This Hatchimal Mystery egg is the bomb! You want to know why? Because it has the added anticipation of what could possibly be inside. Every kid loves a good mystery, and Payton especially loves a good mystery. Payton gets so excited while she is hatching her egg she can hardly stand it. This mystery hatchimal is just like the other hatchimals in the fact that it needs lots of tender love and care to hatch. Another special feature that these hatchimals have is that they have super fluffy fur. Payton loves all her fluffy stiffed animals, and this mystery hatchimal fits right in. Payton was so excited when her mystery hatchimal finally hatched. Do you want to know what she got? Payton hatched a purple and turquoise fluffy hedgyhen. She absolutely adores it! She taught the hatchimal her name and all of her sibling’s names. Payton is always playing with her mystery hatchimal. She raises her hatchimals all the way to the kid stage. Hatchimals are such a neat and interactive toy. Payton has multiple hatchimal toys. She likes to name all of her hatchimal pals. She even put together a hatchimal club called Payton's smile a mile club. Mom, dad, and some of Payton's siblings sometimes sit in on the club meetings. Payton has such a great imagination, and these hatchimals only expand that creativity.


How cute are these wowwee fingerlings with the mini monkeys? Payton cannot get enough of these fingerlings, and that is why they are one of her favorite toys. Payton is developing a huge collection of fingerlings. The mini fingerlings make it that much more fun to collect. These cute monkey figurines can do so much. They can do kissing noises, monkey talk, open and close their eyes, and much more. Payton enjoys taking these monkeys everywhere she goes (except school of course.) They are so small and compact that they are easy to transport anywhere. Payton and her younger sisters will play with fingerlings for hours. They will pretend like they are a big monkey family living in the rainforest. These fingerlings are a cost effective toy for all the neat things that they do. Payton saves up her money to buy these cute little monkey pals. Since they are so well priced it doesn't take her very long to save up the money. The bff mini monkeys come with a regular sized fingerling. These mini bff monkeys can hang from the bigger monkey's tail or fit on the top of a pencil. Fingerlings are definitely a family favorite at the Yeager house. Payton has the biggest collection of fingerlings in our family and that is why these interactive pets are in her toy box!!

Stuffed Animal

Some of Payton's favorite toys are stuffed animals. This little grey elephant plush is always sitting perfectly on Payton's bed. She loves to snuggle up with this fluffy soft stuffed friend at night. This elephant comes in three different colors: grey, mint green, and pink. This would make a great birthday or baby shower gift. This stuffed animal can be a favorite for boys or girls. This elephant is so sweet with its big droopy eyes. Payton named her stuffed elephant Elle. When mom walks by Payton's room she can hear her talking to Elle the elephant and having a great time. Payton throws the most amazing tea parties with her stuffed animals. Elle the elephant is always the guest of honor. She loves that fluffy plush elephant. The face is so sweet and innocent. Payton cannot sleep at night without her elephant. Her elephant helps her get comfortable at night. Payton loves to build forts inside the house. Every time she builds a fort she brings her stuffed animal elephant in her fort house to play. She even builds a separate room and bed for Elle the elephant.