Meet Stephen

Hello I’m Stephen! Not only am I the oldest of the Yeager kids, I am also the only boy! I have 5 sisters, and I am totally outnumbered. My favorite thing about being a youtuber is being able to do fun things with my family, and also getting the opportunity to be an example to other kids. I love the video of the ball pit prank. You should check it out on shot of the Yeager’s YouTube channel if you haven’t seen it yet, it is hilarious. I also have my own YouTube channel Stephen Yeager. I love making fun videos, so check out my channel and leave me a comment. I really enjoy playing the Xbox. My favorite game to play is fortnite. I have developed some killer dance moves that you can check out in some of my videos. I don’t mean to brag, but I can do an awesome floss. When I grow up I want to be a gamer. I have a big imagination, and I know I will be good at creating super cool games. When I am not playing fortnite or pranking my sisters I enjoy doing karate. I also like the band 21 pilots. Something unique about me is that when I was little my parents nicknamed me Mr. Magoogle pants (how embarrassing)! My favorite vacation was to Disneyland with my family. We had such an awesome time! Tomorrowland was the best, because my favorite movie is Star Wars. I really like the color blue, and my favorite dessert is ice cream. One of the activities that I like to do outside is going fishing. I especially like to go fishing with just me and my Dad. For the most part I like going to school, my favorite subject in school is science. Thank you for visiting my page, and for supporting me and my family on YouTube. I hope you learned something new about me. Check out my sister’s pages, drop us a line under Shout at the Yeagers, and don’t forget to print out a coloring page!

Stephen's Videos

Toy Box
Zimpli Kids Slime Blaster Gun Bath Play Toy

Zimpli kids slime blaster squirt gun a perfect addition to Stephens’s collection of water guns. This squirt gun actually sprays out slime instead of just water. Stephen loves to surprise his sisters and friends when he soaks them in the green slime. Stephen and his friends with get together and pretend like they are aliens from another planet. They like to spray each other with the green goop and pretend it is alien slime. Mom and Dad don't mind the slime because it does not stain or stick to anything. It is still a good idea to clean up the slime while it is still wet. Sometimes Stephen will play with this slime blaster by himself. He makes targets out of paper cups and aims at them. He will hit the targets over and over again. This slime blaster gun is also a blast to play with in the bathtub or shower. Mom just makes sure that Stephens cleans up his mess in the bathroom after he is done. This slime blaster toy gun comes with plenty of slime so it can be used over and over again. The funnest part for Stephen is watching a person's face when they are getting slimed. People don't expect green slime to come out of the water gun, so their faces are hilarious. Stephen can be really sneaky at times when he is sliming people. He will hide outside in the yard and jump out and spray the green goop. So if you’re coming by our house, you better watch out! You never know if Stephen is going to surprises you around the corner. This zimpli kid’s slime blaster gun is a ideal toy for summer, and that is why it is a favorite in Stephen's toy box!

LEGO Star Wars Yoda's Jedi Starfighter

This Yoda's Jedi Starfighter is a Star Wars staple in Stephen's toy box. Stephen loves putting this Starfighter spaceship together. Stephen gladly accepts the challenge of building this Starfighter because he knows how much fun he is going to have playing with this awesome space craft. These Star War's building kits are like a sturdy 3D puzzle that you can play with! This particular building kit comes with an R2-D2 and Yoda for added adventure. Stephen likes to load up R2-D2 and Yoda and explore the galaxy! The Jedi Starfighter has two spring loaded shooters just in case enemies like Darth Vader are trying to attack. This set comes with extra ammo and Yoda's lightsaber, so you’re sure to be fully equipped to fight off enemies of the empire. This Lego star wars Jedi Starfighter is one of many space crafts that can be collected. Stephen has a couple different star wars building kits that he and his friends enjoy playing with. This one is his favorite because it includes R2-D2 and Yoda which are two of Stephen's favorite characters. When Stephen is not playing with his awesome Starfighter jet, it is sitting on display in his room. Stephen has a Star Wars shelf that makes his room look epic. When Stephen is playing with this Starfighter he is transported to a galaxy far far away. A world full of Jedi, storm troopers, ewoks, and more. When playing with this toy the sky is not the limit! Where will your Jedi Starfighter transport you?

Activ Life Best Kid's Frisbee Rings

These active flyer Frisbee’s are great for the whole family. Stephen loves to toss these light weight Frisbees with his little sisters. The discs are so soft and easy for even Parker and Blake to throw. Mom and dad love to throw the activ flyer Frisbee with all the kids. We keep a couple of these Frisbees in the family van so we can pull them out at any time and have instant fun. Stephen loves to play all sorts of different games with these fun flyers. Some of his favorite games are ring toss, Frisbee football, and Frisbee golf. Playing with these Frisbee is a great way to get outside and get some exercise. The activ flyers float in the water, so they are a perfect toy to take to the beach, lake, or swimming pool. Stephen is a Frisbee throwing champ! He can catch the flyers one handed, with both hands together, and he can even catch the Frisbee on his foot. The family has fun doing tricks with these fun throwing discs. We like to have a contest to see who can throw them backward, or while doing a handstand, and even under the leg. Stephen is usually the winner because he is the champion! The active flyers are as easy to catch as they are to throw. They are so soft, mom and dad are huge fans because none of the Yeager kids get hurt when throwing and catching the activ flyers. These flyers can be used at any family event, the park, and in the front or back yard of your house. Stephen's all-time favorite trick is to catch the Frisbee on his head, and that is really tricky. If you have a chance, you should check out these activ flyers. They are low in price and would make a great gift for any occasion.

Set Tangle Free Throwing Parachute Figures Toys

Do you remember those fireworks that have the parachute figurine in them? Aren't those the best? Now with these KJ throwing parachute figures, you don't need the fireworks. These KJ parachute figures are awesome. They definitely work best if you throw them from somewhere high. We have a deck that Stephen loves to throw the parachute figures from. There are 4 in a pack, so Stephen can play with his sisters or a small group of friends. When it is windy outside they like to see whose parachute guy goes the farthest. One of the nice characteristics of these parachute figures is that they don't get tangled up like the ones from the store. The parachute figures come in fun bright colors. Stephen's younger sisters like to play with the parachute guys as well. They will take turns tossing the parachutes off of the bunk beds. They fall pretty fast to the ground from the bunk beds, but the kids don't seem to mind. These parachute pals are great party favors. They also make great gifts for all occasions. Stephen enjoys playing with these parachute figurines on the trampoline. He will jump up as high as he can and chuck the parachute as hard as he can. These really are fun toys that take kids outside. Mom and dad like the parachutes because they get the kids outside and playing something besides video games and watching television. Whether it is from the deck, bunk bed, or the upstairs window. Stephen loves throwing and chasing these parachute guys all around the yard. One time, Stephen even took the parachute figurines to the park that has a rock climbing wall. He climbed to the top of the wall and let the parachute fly.