Meet Taylor

Hello my name is Taylor, and I am the second to the oldest in the Yeager family. My brother Stephen is just a little older than me. Did you see the video of me and my brother Stephen being handcuffed together? That was sure a crazy day, check it out on our Youtube channel Shot of the Yeagers. While you are there, you should also check out my favorite Youtube video Lady in a Black Dress. A lot of people don’t know that I absolutely love to bake. I love it so much that I want to be a baker and own my own shop when I grow up. My favorite thing to bake is cupcakes…yummy! My favorite food is orange chicken. I could eat it every day. My favorite game to play outside is soccer. I am on a competition soccer team and I really like my team. My Dad even helps coach. When I am not playing soccer outside you will find me tumbling. Me and all my sisters really like to tumble. Sometimes we will have tumbling competitions against each other. I also like to play with my friends. When I have friends over to my house I like to get out the markers and notebooks. I can draw for hours with my friends. My favorite music to listen to is Taylor Swift. She is way awesome. My favorite color is yellow,because it is so bright and happy (just like me). My favorite vacation was Disneyland. I think it was my whole family’s favorite vacation. We had so much fun. Check it out on Youtube if you want to see the Yeagers having a blast at the happiest place on earth. I love the movie The Greatest Showman. I mean, who doesn’t love that show? The music is amazing and I especially like all the dancing. My favorite part about being a Youtuber is getting to see and experience new places. I hope you had fun reading all about me on my web page. Drop me a line on the next screen under shout at the Yeagers, I would love to hear from you. Hope you have a great day, and don’t forget to keep smiling!

Taylor's Videos

Toy Box
Stick N' Style Blinglets

Taylor can't get enough of these blinglet bracelets. She loves to do anything crafty with her hands. These bracelets come with all sorts of different colored gems! Mom helps Taylor hot glue the gems to the bracelets because they tend to not stay on their own. Taylor enjoys matching the different colored bracelets to all her favorite shirts. She has colors to match everything in her closet. Taylor even made some blinglet bracelets for her younger sisters. She is the best big sister in the world. These blinglet bracelets can be worn as multiple bracelets or just a single. For Taylor’s next friend birthday party she wants to get enough packs of the blinglet bracelets for everyone to create their own. Mom will make sure to help the girls with some super glue for better gripping to the bracelets. Taylor's favorite bracelet is turquoise and purple. Mom really likes to sit down and spend quality time with Taylor as they make these blinglet bracelets together. The other Yeager girls like to come and join in the fun and make bracelets as well. These blinglet bracelets will make an excellent birthday gift, stocking stuffer, Easter basket stuffer, or just a fun reward. Taylor has a blast creating different styles and colors with these beautiful binglets. That is why they are featured in her toy box! What color blinglet will be your favorite?

All You Need Is a Pencil: The Totally Hilarious All About America Activity Book

There is nothing cooler that having fun and learning at the same time. Taylor really loves to read and learn. This activity book is all about American history. There is a wide variety of fun learning projects in this funny booklet. Taylor especially loves to bring this book with her into the care when we are traveling. That way the entire family can get in on the fun, and learn new things about American history. Taylor also likes to doodle and read this book at night before she goes to bed. Mom loves this book because it is interactive and teaches all sorts of fun facts about America. Taylor especially enjoys doing the different word searches. Mom and dad even learned some new things about American history through this All about America Activity Book. Taylor loves to teach her friends and sibling about all the new things she learns. She will gather her younger sisters together and play school. Taylor pretends to be the teacher and teaches her sisters about all the fun facts in this booklet. The author of this book has written over 20 of these activity books. This book was such a hit for Taylor; we plan on purchasing more of these activity books in the near future.

Slepwel RC Flying Ball Kids Toys, Mini RC Infrared Helicopter Flying Toys Built-in Shinning LED Colorful Lights!

These flying helicopter balls are a hit at our house. Taylor was the first one to get one of these and that is why it is featured in her toy box. The flying ball has LED lights that light up bright colors at night. All of the Yeager kids love this toy. This toy is controlled with your hand, if you put your hand under it then it will lft up. There are sensors in the ball that help it move away from anything moving. The kids enjoy keeping the helicopter ball from touching the ground. They will stand in a big circle and even dive on the floor to keep it a float. Do you have any Harry Potter fans in your family. This toy makes the perfect snitch. Taylor will play Harry Potter with her friends and they will chase the snitch all over the yard. This toy is very durable ,it is able to last quidditch after quidditch game. Taylor actually has two of these helicopter balls. That way while one is charging she can be playing with the other one. These flying helicopter balls are so neat to play with at night. They light up so bright. When Taylor plays with this flying toy at night she pretends like she is magic, these helicopter balls really do look magic. Such a fun toy for boys and girls of all ages. Even mom and dad get in on the fun with these colorful flashing flying balls. This toy definately exceeded Taylor's expectations. This toy is non-toxic and enviromentally friendly, which is an added bonus. This is more of an indoor toy because outdoors this helicopter tends to fly away!

SAMAY Kids Hanging Hammock Pod Swing Chair

The hanging hammock pod is the latest and greatest addition to Taylor's room. This is such a fun addition to any child's room. These pods come in a assortment of colors, so you are sure to match your room decor. Taylor's favorite thing to do in her hammock pod is read books. She just sits there all snuggled up to do her homework. When she is not doing homework, in her pod she is playing in it. She will stack all sorts of toys and stuffed animals in her pod and pretend like it is their home. Mom and dad made sure to tell Taylor that she is not allowed to get too rambunctious and swing like crazy in the hammock pod. The samay hammock pod has a blow up cushion that is so comfortable. Taylor's sisters also have hammock pods in their rooms, and they all really enjoy them. These hammocks are really neat because they hang from the ceiling. Mom can even sit in the hammocks without any problems. There is a weight limit of 175 lbs. with these samay kids hammock pods. The neat thing about these hammocks is that you can use them indoors or outdoors. If you hang this hammock outdoors all you need to do is find a sturdy branch that can hold 175 lbs. and secured according to the instructions. How awesome would it be to have one or more of these hammocks hanging outside?